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London Olympic Precinct 3d Visualisation

February 23, 2012 Written By iEDM London Olympic Precinct 3d Visualisation

For a bit of fun in the lead up to the 2012 London Olympics, iEDM have created a 3d animated visualisation of a temporary street circuit around the Olympic Precinct. Having only construction photos and images available over the web, we completely reconstructed the site in a 3d model and designed a visual perspective of what we thought the event might look like.

Then, we built our own car and went for a lap. Take a look – London Street Circuit

Or alternatively you can visit the Project page for more information.

iEDM have a visual design team that specialise in 3d visualisation, simulation, architectural and special project design.

2012 London Olympic Precinct – Original Street Circuit Concept by iEDM from Howler + iEDM on Vimeo.