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We integrate Design, Engineering and Delivery Management services to convert existing spaces into exciting new entertainment venues.
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10 Nov 2020 Monster Energy Aus- X Open Melbourne

iEDM were engaged by AME Management to plan and oversee the install and delivery of this Supercross event at Marvel Stadium. This is the first time this event has been held at the venue. With strict engineering requirements and a full Spring events calendar, there were many logistical challenges to overcome. Turf health was the driving component when setting the project program. To avoid any damage to the playing surface, turf specialists advised that the turf should not be covered for more than 72 hours. Strict loading conditions set by the stadium engineers informed the method in which the track infrastructure was designed, built and dismantled. 6 months of detailed planning and liaising with many stakeholders including event managers, turf specialists, engineers, traffic and venue management resulted in the successful execution of a detailed project program. Key data involved in delivering this event: 6000 tonnes of dirt 857 truckloads delivered 3000 plyboards to protect the turf 1856 acro props and 5104 railway sleepers underneath stadium to support the suspended playing field Dirt removed from stadium in 18 hours Challenges overcome: Track was designed, built and dismantled within the stadium’s engineering constraints 6000 tonnes of dirt successfully moved into and out of the stadium with consideration for: ...

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27 Oct 2020 Sandown Turn 6 Redesign 

In 2018, iEDM were engaged by the Melbourne Racing Club, to investigate options available to improve the safety of the notorious turn 6 at Sandown Raceway. Over the years, Turn 6 has ended the races of many amateur and professional drivers with its high speed, downhill nature catching driver’s out and sending them into the wall.    As in all racing, accidents are part of the sport and experience. So, the issue wasn’t that drivers were coming off the circuit, the issue that concerned Motorsport Australia and the FIA was the severity of the accidents.    After a site visit and familiarisation of the circuit, our first step was to assess those accidents. We obtained actual in-car logged data from Supercars Australia and overlaid racing trajectory onto the circuit drawings. This allowed us to assess, with the circuit simulation, the accidents which occurred and subsequent vehicle and driver impacts which were experienced.   Using the simulation, we plotted escape lines on the circuit to determine the required runoff based on current FIA sporting guidelines. We found that based on 2D analysis, simulated driving lines and runoff trajectories, the spatial allowances of the runoff at Turn 6 generally complied with the FIA Circuit Guidelines.   The escape lines then considered the different surface treatments available and checked against various incident scenarios.    The high mid corner...

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31 Jul 2020 Fiskville Motosport Precinct Design Consultancy

iEDM, with Ernst & Young, were engaged by Motorsport Australia (MSA) to develp a business case for a motorsport precinct in Fiskville, Victoria. The project is supported by Sports & Recreation Victoria and the local adjoining Shire Councils. The integrated motorsport precinct includes: • Touring car and motorcycle track; • Go Kart circuit; • Motorcross facility; • Driver training and development facilities; • Drag racing track; and • Major event facilities. The client brief was to develop a modern, multivariate motorsport precinct that would enhance the profle and development of the sport in Victoria and Australia. Through the integrated design of highly accessible facilities, iEDM developed a concept & functional brief for MSA that incorporated stakeholder expectations along with operational resilience. The business case looked to develop a former Country Fire Association site, with a variety of existing facilities and site constraints. iEDM’s scope of works included: • Conceptual design and masterplan of entire facility; • Stakeholder consultation; • Explore 4 design options to inform business case development; • Functional brief and production of Concept Design Report; and • Production of detailed order of costs report.  ...

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31 Jul 2020 Adelaide International Tennis

The Adelaide International was held in January 2020, a 7-day tournament which replaced the existing 3 day, World Tennis Challenge. iEDM were engaged by Tennis Australia to design and project manage the very first event under the new roof at War Memorial Drive, the first time this event was held in Adelaide. The event site is on a tight footprint located on the edge of the CBD, on a busy thoroughfare. The tournament, unlike previous in the past, utilised not one, but three neighbouring venues, all with staggered hand over dates due to current and coinciding events during both bump in and during the event. This required high level planning and strong stakeholder communication. iEDM were responsible for integrating the following services: Workshop and liaise with all internal departments of TA to develop an overlay Design and create an event plan Site and construction management Stakeholder management Infrastructure budget development and management Risk and Safety management Delivery planning and scheduling With the construction of the new roof over War Memorial Drive courts finishing just days before the commencement of our bump in, there were various challenges faced during this time. Designing a centre court and other precincts in never used before spaces without having...

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26 Jun 2018 Brisbane Auto Mall

iEDM were approached by Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) and ML Design to provide circuit design advice for the concept of an Auto Mall to be built adjacent to Brisbane’s International Airport. iEDM, along with Mark Skaife have been providing circuit design services and advice to BAC since 2015 during the design process of this major development and first of it’s kind in Australia. The test track will be located within the development of an automotive precinct and offers a safe environment for driver training, education programs, car club activities and most significantly for the Brands that will occupy these facilities, access to a circuit direct from the showroom. The location of the AutoMall places automotive brands in an area that prospective purchasers can fly in, test a car on track and fly back the same day. This is a strategy which is anticipated to be successful for high-end manufacturers, whose customers want to test the cars at speed, under brakes and into corners – an experience you cannot get test driving through a city. The facility also allows retailers to continually engage with their customers through driving experiences and training. iEDM is proud to be a part of this innovative and groundbreaking...

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