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We integrate Design, Engineering and Delivery Management services to convert existing spaces into exciting new entertainment venues.
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20 Dec 2017 Newcastle 500 Supercars

The inaugural Newcastle 500 was held in November 2017 and was hailed a major success for the Sport and the City. iEDM were engaged by Supercars Australia to provide all site identification, feasibility, design, engineering and project management services for the project, which included substantial civil / enabling works as well as the overlay and event planning. The Newcastle Event site was located on the edge of the CBD, encompassed many businesses, around 3,000 residents, 3 public beaches, parklands and various other public areas. Logistically, these projects require a very high level of planning, stakeholder communication and design. Initially, the civil works were only to include minimal works required to make the streets safe for Supercars racing. However, it was soon realised that the project could achieve a tremendous legacy to the area of Newcastle East if we could conduct significant streetscape and services upgrades into the area at the same time. The services in Newcastle East were dilapidated and some water mains close to 100 years old. The project was able to deliver upgrades to water, stormwater, electrical infrastructure, as well as new footpaths, roads, smart infrastructure and landscaping. iEDM had only 12 months to design, plan and deliver around $25M of major CBD...

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02 Dec 2015 Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Live Sites

iEDM was engaged by the Office of Commonwealth Games Coordination (OCGC) to provide preliminary budgets, designs and feasibility reports into four proposed live site venues, operating for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. In order to assist the OCGC to provide a framework to separate their budgets into infrastructure, operations and creative, iEDM was asked to design and cost two alternative overlay plans for each venue. Together with the OCGC, iEDM conducted stakeholder consultation with the various venue stakeholders and incorporated various visions into each design. The end product provided the OCGC with a range of alternatives and associated costs to guide their early strategic planning and development of their creative vision for each of the venues....

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02 Dec 2015 Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation

iEDM had various engagements in the lead up to and during the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, working for the Organising Corporation, Gold Coast City Council, the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning and assisting Contractors to deliver overlay scope. We were engaged by Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC) between 2014 and 2018 to provide Event Engineering Project Management Panel Services. During this time, iEDM  developed a detailed knowledge of the project and importantly, the venues and overlay design requirements. Over the course of the 4 year project, iEDM delivered some of the following projects: Venue Baseline Services Engineering Audits; Various Overlay Strategy Documents; Feasibility Study for a Temporary Roof over the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre; Acted as GOLDOC rep for the Feasibility Study into the Metricon Stadium Northern Stand; Seconded staff into GOLDOC Venue, Delivery and Overlay team (VDO); Delivered the first test event - the 2014 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships at Gold Coast Aquatic Centre; Live Sites Overlay and Feasibility Study; Commonwealth House initial Feasibility Study; and, Seconded approximately 6 staff with Moreton Hire for the delivery of approximately 45,000 square metres of temporary structure, HVAC and sub-structure. Key iEDM personnel became trusted local advisers for GOLDOC over the course of the Games development...

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