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We integrate Design, Engineering and Delivery Management services to convert existing spaces into exciting new entertainment venues.
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iEDM have a specialist motorsport engineering capability which has been developed over 25 years of designing and delivering temporary street circuits and motorsport facilities.

Our process, which combines the skills and motorsport experience of Mark Skaife (five time winner of the V8 Supercar Championship and six time winner of the Bathurst 1000) and the innovative engineering skills of our Chairman, Professor John Howe, is the catalyst for creating both entertaining and safe design. Motorsport requires innovation and continual improvement for racing teams to stay competitive. It’s no different for our engineering team. We are continually investing in the research and development in fields such as track safety, hardware, construction methods and asphalt technology.

iEDM have extensive experience in the application of engineering principles to the design of all elements of a Motorsport facility and have worked with international experts, leading race drivers and other circuit design groups to further the research and development of track and circuit hardware.

For major motorsport based events our specialist Event Project Managers and Motorsport Designers work closely to ensure that the delivered outcome represents a fully coordinated and seamless experience, whether you are on the track or in the stands.

iEDM have over the past 25 years been instrumental in the research and development of specific motorsport design and safety initiatives. Working with fellow professional experts such as Dr Rod Troutbeck, Dr Rainer Hart and Ross Holder we have produced studies for a number of clients on issues such as those mentioned below:

  • Design of temporary concrete barriers;
  • Design of steel access gates for the first line of protection;
  • Debris fence height vs car position and speed on track;
  • Kerb design;
  • Kerb geometric circuit planning;
  • Temporary bollard design for kerb identification;
  • Asphalt design for highly stressed areas; and,
  • Temperature effects on asphalt at critically stressed areas.
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Temporary Structures

Delivering over $40M of temporary infrastructure to the Australian major events industry each year has provided iEDM with extensive experience in the design and application of temporary structures used for overlay and event projects.

iEDM has the capabilities to design and provide technical advice on any of the following temporary facilities:

  • Bespoke Structures;
  • Seating Structures;
  • Scaffold or Modular Aluminium Platforms;
  • Tents and Marquees;
  • Temporary Building Works;
  • Pedestrian Bridges; and,
  • Buildings.


iEDM also have the capabilities to provide any permanent or legacy engineering works to facilitate temporary structures such as civil, services or access works.

  • Real Madrid World of Football

    Civil & Structures Engineering, Construction Management, Major Event Overlay Design, Overlay, Planning & Approvals, Procurement, Program & Project Management, Stakeholder Management, Temporary Structures, Work Health and Safety
  • aus-x-open

    Monster Energy Aus- X Open Melbourne

    Design, Events, Logistics, Temporary Services, Temporary Structures
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Temporary Services

Any overlay project will require a significant amount of temporary services to be provided for power, communications, air conditioning, water, sanitary and stormwater.

Given their short-term nature, temporary services require a balanced approach to design to ensure that the most efficient model of construction is implemented. iEDM have the experience and capabilities to provide designs that are simple to construct and implement a calculated approach to the right mixture of permanent provisions with temporary provisions.

iEDM also provide advice during the design development of Event / Multi-Use sites with regards to future use provisioning of services for overlay. Early planning is essential to provide a venue which is as efficient as possible for future use.

Civil + Structural

iEDM’s engineering team have the ability to provide civil and structural engineering services where our projects require permanent or legacy works to allow efficient multi-year construction or where we need to create temporary works such as hardstand or bridges.

We can also work with key partners who specialise in different engineering disciplines within the sports sector and bring them under our integrated model. We have strong relationships across the sector.

  • Adelaide International Tennis

    Budget Control & Management, Construction Management, Creative, Design, Engineering, Event Strategy, Events, Management, Operations, Overlay, Procurement, Program & Project Management, Project Management, Risk Management, Stakeholder Management, Venues, Visualisation, WHS
  • Sandown Turn 6 Redesign 

    Circuit Design, Circuit Safety, Civil & Structures Engineering, Design, Engineering, Motor Sport Engineering, Motorsport, Procurement, Program & Project Management, Project Management, Risk Advisory
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Feasibility Studies

Conducting Engineering Feasibility Studies is a model widely used by Governments to assess funding proposals.
iEDM has extensive experience in providing detailed feasibility studies for various Government bodies on multiple sport and event projects.

Typically, iEDM can assess all aspects of a proposal including, but not limited to:

  • Master Planning and Visualisation
  • Construction Budgeting
  • Event Budgeting (if a recurrent event requires ongoing funding)
  • Civil Works Planning
  • Environmental and Acoustic Assessment
  • Approvals Assessment
  • Economic Impact
  • Community Consultation
  • Program – Planning, Civil Works, Temporary Works, Removal and Rectification.
Feasibility Studies