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Brisbane Auto Mall

  • Brisbane Auto Mall
    Brisbane Airport
  • Brisbane Auto Mall
    Brisbane Airport

iEDM were approached by Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) and ML Design to provide circuit design advice for the concept of an Auto Mall to be built adjacent to Brisbane’s International Airport. iEDM, along with Mark Skaife have been providing circuit design services and advice to BAC since 2015 during the design process of this major development and first of it’s kind in Australia.

The test track will be located within the development of an automotive precinct and offers a safe environment for driver training, education programs, car club activities and most significantly for the Brands that will occupy these facilities, access to a circuit direct from the showroom.

The location of the AutoMall places automotive brands in an area that prospective purchasers can fly in, test a car on track and fly back the same day. This is a strategy which is anticipated to be successful for high-end manufacturers, whose customers want to test the cars at speed, under brakes and into corners – an experience you cannot get test driving through a city. The facility also allows retailers to continually engage with their customers through driving experiences and training.

iEDM is proud to be a part of this innovative and groundbreaking concept.

It is expected that the AutoMall will begin construction in 2021.

iEDM will continue to provide detailed circuit design for this project and construction advice in the lead up to its opening.


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